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Tax Return Submissions

Welcome TAXWISEonline365 Clients

Tax Season OPEN for individuals
1st July 2022 until 24th October 2022
(Non Provisional Tax Payers)

Provisional Tax Payers Deadline is
24th January 2023

What to do… Don’t delay… Hurry up,
let’s do your Tax Return

Do Not Accept SARS Auto Assessments!

Online tax specialist / income tax returns / Compliance / Tax Dispute assistance /queries / Emigration Clearances

  • Complete –Your Basic Info sheet (To Update your SARS Personal Info),
  • Thus instructing TAXWISEonline365 Pty Ltd or Representative to complete & file your 2021/2022 returns. Or download from our website
  • Scanned Copies must be in Black & White (5mb).


Collect the following 2021/2022 -Tax Certificates!

  • Your Salary (Irp 5`s) or Pension Irp5 or Provident fund, if you Resigned or Retired (should be on efiling ,but send us your Original copy to verify).
  • Medical Aid Certificates (ITC) & or Detailed list for Self Paid medication or Procedures (Incl Proof).
  • Retirement Annuity and or Income Replacement Certificates (ITC).
  • Bank Interest & Taxable Dividends Certificates Local & Foreign (ITC).
  • Co Car Claim /Travel Data & Car Purchase Proof Invoice & Daily Destination Log Books
  • Complete Rental Income sheet (Interest from Bank & Other Expenses) proof must be attached.
  • Contracting & Commissions (Expense Statements Incl Detailed Log books).

Please email proof of payments to

Special Offers: Inclusive of Sars Reviews/Audit’s


Salary Only-No Allowances: R 1150.00


Salary & Travel Allowance & Co Car Claim: R 1995.00


Commission Earners / Independent Contractors: R2750.00


Pensioners : R 595.00


Rental Property Schedules : R495 Per Property


Provisional Tax Irp6 Returns: 1st & 2nd Periods @ R1850.00 pa

Non Tax Residence Enquiries / Tax Emigration specific  – Contact me directly

We thank you for your loyal support and we strive to continue our excellent service to you, our valued client.

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TAXWISEonline365 Pty Ltd is a registered saits member and sars e-filing practitioner.


083 653 0216


SARS now require proof of payment for all out of pocket medical expenses, Including amounts reflecting on your medical aid certificate as not paid by the scheme. Therefore, it is important to keep all your receipts and invoices for all of your out of pocket medical expenditure including amounts reflected on your medical aid certificate.